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The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon[edit]

The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon, often shortened to the Order of Bahamut, is a monastery of monks, and ascetic priests dedicated to serving Bahamut, and defending the weaker races from the tyranny of evil dragons and their sovereign, Tiamat.

Life in the monastery is completely ascetic, with the monks and priests training themselves to become great warriors. They prepare to defend the innocent against Tiamat's Forces. Those who subscribe to this way of life usually exhibit a clear sense of duty and honor, as well as dedication to the ideals of magnanimity and chivalry. Any manner of races may be found attending the monastery, but the journey is difficult and the temple is hard to reach, located deep in the Forest of Forever. The journey to the temple is the temple's first test for a prospective students, as the properties of the forest can prove formidable to the unwary and unprepared.

The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon has merely been using the monastery as their home for the last several hundred years. The current Grandmaster is the 18th in succession, Grandmaster Valos.

The monastery does reportedly have a large collection of valuable records, stored and sorted over the years by priests who have came and gone. A demiplane houses these records, containing a great number of secrets and knowledge accumulated within the monastery. Somewhere within the wealth of information lies records of the monasteries founding years, and perhaps of the source of the forests mystical properties. Very few people have ever seen this, however, and it is typically restricted to the Grandmaster of the order.

Culture of the Draconic Monastery[edit]

The monastery has a composite culture, usually blending together those of the students that currently compose it, but behind it all sits the religion dedicated to Bahamut and his ideals as well as his goals. Because of this, they tend to treat dragon-kind with more worship than kindness, especially if the dragon-kind is metallic and good-natured like the Platinum Dragon himself. They strive to embody his ideals and strengths, to learn his way of fighting and the why. Philosophy is as much part of the focus than martial might or good-natured gestures. The teachers and Grandmaster allow other religions to flourish as long as they also acknowledge Bahamut's power and give their respects. The Grandmaster is even said to have meetings with Bahamut and act on his part, to sometimes even act as the old Aesir's avatar.

While a good-portion of monks are pure and gracious to their peers, a good portion (42%) of the monastery practice the arts of the Talam'Cikar for increased dexterity or wisdom. However many of them tend to take the teachings a bit far sometimes, though staying within the walls of one place for so long with the same company one must expect outcomes such as this. {Speaking on the lecherousness of a good portion of the order, the Talam'Cikar is something like the Kama Sutra but written in Draconic by a very horny sorcerer.}

Monastery of the Platinum Dragon[edit]

The monastery itself has twenty floors above ground and six below, with the entrance to the Baijin-Longchao* resting within the sixth basement floor. The sixth basement floor is called the Baijin {Nest}, while the top floor of the monolithic monastery is referred to as Kokuo-no-oza, meaning Throne of the King. The grandmaster resides within the Kokuo-no-oza while each master procures a basement floor for his own. This was decided so that the masters still felt like one of the students and so that they could create the foundation of the Monastery while also ensuring the grandmasters reverie with being at the top of the group. There are several different floors within the monolithic structure, ranging from zen gardens for peaceful meditation and study to complete floors made for testing the unfortunates to stumble upon them. The structure looks as odd and weird as anything else within the Forever Forest and just as random, making for a perfect place for the order to train their warriors.

  • Trans: Nest of the Platinum Dragon ~Japanese, Google Translate The official name of the Archives and Vault. Two doors lead to separate parts of the demiplane.

Knowledge: Martial Lore/Religion
DC Result
5 Students of the Bahamut Monks can be some of the most lecherous, swine ever to be see.
10 They worship Bahamut, the god-king of the metallic dragons
15 It's said they train in two Secret Arts.
20 They can either use Rising Dragon Arts or the Burning Falcon Arts, both are formidable.

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