Minor Ring of Primal Power (5e Equipment)

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Ring, rare (requires attunement)

A bizarre ring imbued with the ancient power of primal might. It glows a faint red. Cannot be worn with the Major Ring of Primal Power or Unyielding Ring of Primal Power.

Fearless. You are not so easily frightened. You have advantage against effects that cause you to be frightened.

Wind Sail. You can take on an altered form. A short sail protrudes from your spine, catching the wind and allowing you to move more quickly on all fours. You can take the Dash action as a bonus action in this state, however, you cannot attack while moving on all fours, save unarmed melee attacks utilizing your head. As the sail is a large and easy target, attacks against you are rolled with advantage. You can activate and deactivate this effect using a bonus action. Your armor must be altered for the sail beforehand or it will fail.

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