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Greater Deity
Symbol: A raven's claw holding an arrow
Home Plane: Pansaer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting)
Portfolio: Nature, Savagery, Game, Hunting, Freedom
Clergy Alignments: CG, CN, CE
Domains: Animal, Strength, Plant
Favored Weapon: Shortbow
She, believe it or not, is a cleric of Mieli.

The vast woodlands and wildernesses of the Pansaerian continent are all hunting grounds of Mieli, the wild titan. There is no untilled land that Mieli would not watch over: from the scorching plains of the Red Wastes to the salty skerries of the southern sea, no wild place escapes the titan's eye. For she is the god of hunting, and those who travel the wilds pray quietly to her name when they feel hardships ahead.

Mieli is the mirror image of her sister Luni: where Luni is passivity, Mieli is passion; where Luni is balance, Mieli is the extremes. Her uncontrolled nature makes her a dangerous god, for the beasts and dangers she governs can lay waste to a traveler in a moment's notice. The folk of Pansaer believe all wild animals and poisonous plants come from Glade, a strange quasi-dimension of Mieli's creation which can be accessed from the heart of any great wilderness by creatures associated with her.

Mieli is venerated as the god of nature and freedom, the giver of game and willpower, and of both physical and mental strength. She is feared as the god of savagery and traps, the harbinger of poison, thorns and bloodshed, and the source of uncontrolled emotions.


Perhaps the most far-removed of mortal affairs, Mieli asks absolutely nothing of her followers, but a clerical dogma has nonetheless been created by her rare clerics. They claim that the wild god wishes for folk to return to simple lives in the wild, and abhors cities. Followers of Mieli are expected to hunt or forage their own food, not depend on anyone else, and prefer direct action over quiet contemplation. Her following also has a long history of animal sacrifice; after the ritual, the animal feeds the gathered followers, as no food is to be wasted.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clerics and priests of Mieli are incredibly rare, since the god of wilderness and savagery hardly lends herself to a structural clergy. Those few who do associate themselves with hunters and folk of small villages rather than large cities. They clothe themselves in muted colors depending on the surrounding (green and brown tunics in forests, tan and beige robes in deserts and so on), and always prefer the practical over the fair.

Simply put, there are no temples of Mieli on Pansaer. What few clerics the god has have no need of permanent places of worship, and are on the move so much that no temple ever gets established. However, when the rural folk wish to pray or sacrifice to Mieli, they travel to strange holy places in the wild, marked only by perhaps an upright stone with a few simple runes. There they leave what offerings they wish to give and leave - a priest of Mieli will visit sooner or later, and would rather make the rites in solitude.


Mieli is part of the titan pantheon of Pansaer, along with Auri, the Overgod, Luni, the Maiden, Ahti, the Mariner, Morran, the Scholar and Groke Who Is Cold. Mieli is too independent to deal with the other titans in any great amount, although she is the sister of Luni, and despises the moon titan with a passion.

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