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Greater Deity
Symbol: A silver sickle with two crossed keys in the middle
Home Plane: Pansaer
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (inapplicable in Years of Gold campaign setting)
Portfolio: Blessing, Luck, Hope, Love, Loss
Clergy Alignments: LG, LN, LE
Domains: Healing, Luck, Protection
Favored Weapon: Longspear
Luni's sermons invariably take place
during a crescent moon.

Luni, the female titan who governs over luck, hope and love (as well as the twisted versions of these aspects) is perhaps the kindest among the titan-gods of Pansaer, although her kindness often takes wicked forms. She loves everything with a passion - none as much as herself, though - and is among the more mortal-related gods, granting blessings and residing over her followers. Of the titans, she is the only to ever appear and converse with mere mortals. The moon is her dwell, sailing above the world at night and below it in the day.

The handiwork of Luni is often minuscule and incredibly hard to see: she influences the smallest nuances to turn the wheels of fate. She sends perhaps just the briefest breeze to uncover an ancient tomb for wizards to plunder, or has the unborn son of a king die in the womb to prevent it from claiming his birthright. For Luni is kind, but her kindness takes horrible forms: she hurts many to protect just one, makes one succeed by forcing everyone else to fail.

Luni is venerated as the giver of health and long life, the bringer of luck, peace and safety. She is feared as the goddess of disease and ailments, of unfair odds and failure, of losing things that are important to you.


Luni is the sole titan to mingle with mortals in any measure, and thus her teachings come from her and not from interpreting priests. She teaches her followers to love without restriction, to stay passive and unchanging in the grand scheme of things, and to believe in fate. Luni would have a sick follower be indifferent to his or her plight and do nothing about the disease: if he or she is to be healed, it will happen, and no amount of mortal work will change the fact. Thus, those who devote themselves to Luni are passive, indifferent and pessimistic.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Moon Titan has rather few priests and clerics, since her teachings mean her followers ought to be passive, and thus not worship her with complicated rituals or the like. Those few who devote themselves to Luni and spreading her word dress themselves in white, light gray and blue, and adorn themselves with silver jewelery and more often than not silver facial tattoos. They speak slowly, in a monotonous voice, and let things take their course.

There are no temples of Luni, since her followers build none, but what rare sermons take place are held under the night sky, always at the time of a crescent moon. There, her clerics (of which over half are female) preach her message of accepting the course of fate. These sermons are held near the borders of towns and cities but not in them - halfway into the civilized world, halfway into the wild.


Luni is part of the titan pantheon of Pansaer, along with Auri, the Overgod, Ahti, the Mariner, Mieli, the Hunter, Morran, the Scholar and Groke Who Is Cold. Auri is fiercely in love with her, but what few know is that she is in love with him as well - only she believes that like the sun and moon, fate never meant for them to be together, and will never return his cries for affection. Her sister, Mieli, is her mirror image in many ways.

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