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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A mole with six legs
Home Plane: Elemental Plane of Earth
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Burrowing creatures, Strong rooted plants & trees, Fresh tunnels
Clergy Alignments: Any Non-Evil
Domains: Animal, Earth, Good, Plant
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
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More information...

Miek is the self proclaimed lord of tunnels, he discovered a technique of using young diggers to start small holes and have the larger diggers widen the starter tunnel, which saved the Diopsid days in tunnel construction leading to a tactical advantage over the invading Drow. Often the starter tunnels would be unnoticed and could be re-routed for optimal ambushes on Drow forces, Dipsodia always took note in how many lives Miek's tunnels saved, and always listened to him when he gave advice about the flora and fauna, and where to build tunnels. Though later to become a god, Miek was the second soul saved and he immediately offered to dig the Great Dung Mounds, Dipsodia, proud of him, granted him godhood shortly after their construction.


Big isn't always best. Take your time in the beginning it will save you more in the end. Tunnels can go up then come back down, can come from below your feet or above your head, respect the soil and think outside the tube.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Meik has few temples, most of them are complex tunnel mazes which only the clerics know the extent of. The clerics are engineers for local Diopsid broods, they plan and connect tunnels in the most efficient way, using divination magic with their god for advice.


Meik was a stunted Diopsid, standing four feet tall many assumed he was a child, however his body clearly favored his braid and his head is overly large. His Quarterstaff has a sharp copper tip, when he commands it the spear summons a tomb of earth around the target, which he begins to stab relentlessly with the copper tip.

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