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PL 6 Mesmetron Power Cell 1/shot Handgun (Exotic Firearms Proficiency (Energy Weapons))

Damage Special Magazine 5 Int
Critical 20 Size Medium
Damage Type Special Weight 2 pounds
Range Increment 75 feet Purchase DC 16 TU/160 Caps
Rate of Fire S Restriction Very Rare, East Coast


The Mesmetron is an experimental pre-War "non-lethal pacification" weapon that was being tested in the months immediately preceding the Great War. It operates by sending a signal pulse into a human target's brain that scrambles higher-level mental functions, leaving the target extremely susceptible to suggestion. Still in open beta testing, the weapon was found to have the potential to trigger two undesirable side-effects: extremely increased aggression, or spontaneous cranial eruption.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

Attacking with the Mesmetron is considered a ranged touch attack, and as such ignores Defense bonuses from armor. This weapon only works on Humans. On a successful attack roll, the target must roll a Will save vs DC 25. If they succeed, they suffer no effect. If they fail, roll on the table below:

d10 Roll Behavior
1-5 Dazed for 1 round and obeys any command as per the Command spell for an additional 1d4 rounds.
6–8 Becomes frenzied, attacking anyone they see, including enemies and allies. This state lasts until the subject succeeds a DC 15 Wisdom check. This check is made 24 hours after becoming frenzied and every 24 hours afterwards until succeeding. Each day frenzied (including the first) does 1 point of permanent Wisdom damage.
9–10 Must make a DC 25 Fortitude save. On success, target drops to 1 HP. On failure, target drops to -1 HP and is Dying.

On a confirmed critical hit, the target is instantly killed as their head explodes violently.

Weapon Mods/Variants[edit]

Extended Magazine, Energy

  • Craft: (Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 20; Craft DC 35; Time: 60h) The Mesmetron can be crafted at a Weapon Crafting Table with a Craft (mechanical) skill check if the crafter possesses the schematics for it.
  • Repair: (Parts DC: 40; Parts Used: 10; Repair DC 25; Time: 10h) A Mesmetron can be repaired with mechanical parts with a Repair check. Alternatively, another Mesmetron can be used in place of parts (a Repair check is still required). This gun is affected by the Jury Rigging feat, and as such can use other stun weapons for parts if the feat is possessed.

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