Melody Charm Bracelet (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This charm bracelet has three charms. To use a charm, simply will the charm to activate. Only one charm can be active at a time.

The first charm is a sword-shaped charm that transforms into a longsword. This longsword counts as a magic weapon for overcoming the damage resistances. If the longsword leaves the users hand it automatically returns to charm form, making it impossible to throw.

The second charm is a pegasus-shaped charm that allows the user to use an action to cast the fog cloud spell at level 1. The charm has 4 charges. It regains 1d4 charges at dawn. If the last charge is expended, roll a d20. On a 1, the charm crumbles to ash and is destroyed.

The third charm is a whistle-shaped charm that transforms into a dog whistle. The whistle can be heard by a chosen allied creature up to 2500 feet away.

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