Mask of Aberrant Word (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This mask is one of many created by the Ka'thek druid clan, who were known for their uncharacteristically roguish tendencies. It appears as a wooden mask, designed to fit a human face. It is crafted from a pale wood, and has two red streaks covering the left eye hole. The mask also has no nose or mouth openings and has no strap. Instead, once you attune to the mask, it will always sit comfortably on your face, regardless of any movement. Another creature may attempt to pull it off, on a successful DC 20 Strength check, the mask is removed and both creatures take 3d8 psychic damage.

While wearing this mask, you can cast the hush spell once. You regain the ability to do so at the next dawn. You also gain +1 bonus to your AC and advantage on saving throws you make against spells from the divination school.

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