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Wondrous item, rare

While you are holding this map, you can use an action to speak its command word, commanding the map to redraw itself to accurately depict the surface area within a 10-mile radius of you. At any time thereafter, you can use a bonus action to alter the map to show the same area up to 10 miles underground. The map displays the following features, labelled with names and general descriptions.

  • General terrain features, such as rivers and mountains.
  • Settled areas like towns or cities.
  • Structures used for travel, such as bridges and portals.
  • Roads and trails.
  • Lairs of dangerous creatures.

Once you use this property of the map, it lasts until you use it again.
A rarer version of the map of the pathfinder might allow you to look deeper underground, look into different planes, or view the area as it was in the past or will be in the future.

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