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Wondrous Item, very rare

After about three hours of no sunlight, you have finally made it to a chest. You slowly open it, with light seeming to come from it, and reveals... a heart-shaped box , with what seems to be a handful of chocolates, gummy oranges, and sugar-covered raspberries?

What seems to be a simple box of candies, is actually a box of powerful magic, made by a arcane cuisiner years ago. These candies will never go bad, and have some unexpected side effects if consumed.

Chocolates: When consumed, player will gain +20 in any constitution, strength, and wisdom scores. But, upon being consumed, the player over the next minute, will double, then triple in fat, with no way of reversal or avoidance.

Gummy oranges: When consumed, player will gain +15 on any strength or charisma score, and over the next minute, gain their weight in muscle.

Sugar-covered raspberries: When consumed, player will gain +15 in intelligence and dexterity scores, and over time lose extra weight, whether it be extra fat or muscle.

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