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Wondrous Item, rare

This magic 8 ball brings prophecies of the future... but it can be a little inaccurate at times. It has 1d6 charges when found. At the start of dawn, its charges reset to the result of a 1d6 roll. The user can use the 8 ball to ask a yes or no question to the 8 ball. When doing so, the GM secretly rolls a d8. On a result of 1 - 5, the correct answer is given. On a 6 or 7, the 8 ball replies "Future Hazy" or "Ask again later." On a 8, the wrong answer is given. A charge is then consumed, regardless of the result.

Should the 8 ball be out of charges, or used to answer a question that is:

  • Magically protected from scrying
  • Involving divine entities
  • One that has already been asked (regardless of answer)
  • One relating to the nature of the 8 ball
  • Not a yes or no question
  • A question that cannot be answered with a simple "yes" or "no"

The 8 ball will instead give a random answer, and consume a charge. Attempting to attune with the 8 ball does not reveal any of the 8 ball's rules, nor will it reveal the number of charges the 8 ball has.

The 8 ball can reveal knowledge of the future, but this knowledge isn't fate. Knowing the future lets you change it.

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