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Cost: A building and an ample supply of metals, crystals and other materials worth 10 gp for every 100 square feet (four squares) if being created from scratch. If being bought, the typical cost is 15,000 gp for a small house.
Speed: 250 feet
Carrying Capacity: A Machina can carry as many or as few people as the DM sees fit, having designed the layout. A sentient Machina an only be piloted by the intelligent creature it has bonded with or any other creatures the bonded creature allows. The control room of a Machina is always in a location with a good view of the surrounding area, like the top of a tower or in a room with many windows.

Upon sensing the approaching horde, a temple uproots itself and charges directly into the sea of undead. A traveling wizard's tower appears on the outskirts of town in the night and disappears after he finishes his drink at the tavern.

A typical Machina Aedificium appears to be a building with four large legs protruding from a small base beneath the house's foundation. The appearance of the building, and the number and structure of the legs can vary. At the DM's discretion, the house can be enchanted beyond the legs, with invisible servants cleaning up after the players when their backs are turned, or rooms which are bigger on the inside, or should not exist, like a basement, or a door which leads to a different plane. In some rare cases, these machines have been known to develop sentience (at the DM's discretion, of course). The extent of this sentience is determined by the DM.

A Machina can be used for anything a normal building could. Many use machinas as stores or mobile headquarters. A Machina counts as a location or stationary area for spells, and a demiplane, due to the layered enchantments animating it.

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