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PL 6 2mm EC 1/shot Longarm (Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 4d8 Magazine 20 Box
Critical 20 Size Large
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 10 pounds
Range Increment 150 feet Purchase DC 15 TU/150 Caps
Rate of Fire S Restriction Rare, West Coast


Patterned off of conventional rifles, the M72 Gauss rifle features a seven stage electromagnetic accelerator mounted onto a standard rifle frame provided with a stock and grip to make handling this powerful weapon easier. Contributing to that is an auto-loading 2mm EC cartridge containing both the 2mm slugs and the battery necessary to power the weapon, large enough to take out most foes with its considerable firepower, hampered only by rarity of its ammunition, necessitating the use of a backup firearm for weaker enemies easily dispatched with more common ammo. It is the German engineering and attention to fine detail that make it a tremendously powerful firearm, with slugs capable of piercing most targets at extreme distances, killing most in just one or two hits. A relative rarity even before the Great War, the M72 is restricted to only the most advanced organizations, such as the Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel and elite New California Republic law enforcement personnel.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

Successful critical hits knock the target Prone.

Weapon Mods/Variants[edit]

Damage Bonus, Energy Rifle
Extended Magazine, Box
Night Sight
Scope, Rifle

  • Craft: (Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 20; Craft DC 35; Time: 60h) The M72 Gauss rifle can be crafted at a Weapon Crafting Table with a Craft (mechanical) skill check if the crafter possesses the schematics for it.
  • Repair: (Parts DC: 40; Parts Used: 10; Repair DC 25; Time: 10h) A M72 Gauss rifle can be repaired with mechanical parts with a Repair check. Alternatively, another M72 Gauss rifle can be used in place of parts (a Repair check is still required). This gun is affected by the Jury Rigging feat, and as such can use other Gauss weapons for parts if the feat is possessed.

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