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PL 6 Long Arms (')

Damage 2d10 Magazine 95 Box 4 Int 30mm Frag Grenades
Critical 20 Size Large
Damage Type Ballistic or Slashing Weight 6.5lb + 0.5lb per Grenade
Range Increment 70 ft. Purchase DC 19
Rate of Fire S, A Restriction Mil (+3)


The staple assault rifle of the USCMC infantry is the M41-A Pulse Rifle, and used by every grunt with the exception of the heavy weapon officers, or "Smart Gunners". The M41 uses electronic pulse action to fire, controlled directly from the trigger. The internal mechanism, including the rotating breech, is mounted on free-floating rails within a carbon-fiber jacket. This assembly is recoil dampened to reduce the effects of muzzle climb during burst and full automatic fire. From the thumb selector, the weapon can be set to selective, four-round burst, or full automatic fire, the latter allowing a rate of fire up to the weapon's cyclic rate of 900 rpm.

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