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Fields of flesh and bone, steep mountains, harsh tundras, gigantic trees, and rocky plateaus characterize the Lunagros. Only those cursed by the gods may enter this place, where they are doomed to nigh-eternally suffer for the gods' contentment and nourishment. The people here desperately make attempts to live normal lives, but never succeed.

The Moon always wins in the end.

Lunagros Information[edit]

Player's Guide

Classes Classes
How classes fit into the world and where they often find themselves.
Extra Classes Extra Classes
Some classes homebrewed up which may fit your flavor and playstyle needs.


The Word's Basic Politics
Information on the politics of the Lunagros
The World & Locales
<Information on the world, regions, and nations of the campaign setting

Dungeon Master's Guide

An introductory statement
The origin of monsters and animals, an examination, and statbocks.
[[Help (<!-Setting-> Supplement)|Adding to <!-Setting->]]-->
An optional page for others to submit their ideas, advice, and anecdotes for the development of the setting

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