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Design Note: This race is intended to work with the Aura Warrior class.

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"But Master," the Lucario said, "There has to be another way"

Aaron looked at him with a sad look, and said, "There isn't. The only way we stop this is if I lay down my life"
"Why not me?" Said the Lucario
"Because you have more purpose in this world than I."
"I won't let you." The Lucario argued, "I'm stronger"
Now, this wasn't a lie. Lucario are much more able to manipulate aura than humans can. But Aaron was still among the top Aura Warriors of all time.
But Aaron chuckled. He looked down, and grimly said "I was afraid you'd say that"
At that moment, he held up his staff. The staff was about 5 feet long, with an Orb on the end. This Orb had been infused with so much Aura it increased Aarons abilities by a factor of 4. And it allowed what should take about 16 seconds to take place in just one.
Aaron placed his hand on the Lucarios shoulder.
"I'm sorry for what I'm about to do. I hope one day you'll understand."
At that exact moment, Lucario, and the Orb began to glow. Lucario, who had just become aware of what was going on, wore a confused, but the slightly angry look on his face.
"Why, master?" was the only thing he could say before he lost his shape, becoming a mass of glowing, blue light, as it made its way into the Orb. Lucario, now just a conscious mind, sat in this orb for many centuries.
5 minutes later, Aaron was dead. he had pulled the ultimate sacrifice to save not just his kingdom, but the world as he knew it. One day, Lucario would learn of his actions and forgive his Master.
No, those weren't the exact lines from "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew", but it sure was inspired from it. but that's how I would interpret the scene if I was a writer in the Forgotten Realms. But this is DND. interpret whichever story however you feel like.

Lucario, by @mohezi62 on Twitter

Physical Description[edit]

Lucario are agile, but short bipedal canines. They have smooth, blue fur around their head, arms, and legs, down to right above their knees. Their torso is covered in whiteish wool that is said to be very comfortable to the touch. On the backs of their hands and on their chest, they have Iron Spikes, about 3 inches in diameter. They have black lines, about 2 inches wide, across their faces that give them the appearance that they're wearing a mask. They also have a much easier time attuning to and using their aura because of the drapes, behind their ears, on the back of their head. Those drapes allow for a better flow of aura and raw emotion to enter and exit their body much more easily than any other race.


Lucario have existed long before written history, but the earliest recorded evidence of them was a Half-elf explorer finding them in the Sinnoh Mountains in 1391.

Lucario have legends of a human Aura Warrior sacrificing his life to stop a war that would have been world ending. To prevent his student, a lucario, from sacrificing himself, he used the aura trap ability to lock him into an Aura bound sphere. Later, another Aura-Bound human with compatible aura frequencies accidentally let said Lucario out and he later gave his life to save the "Tree of Life", which is a sacred place in their culture.

About 85 years after the now dubbed "Almost War", the Civil War happened. It was a war on Ideals vs Truth: What should you follow? Millions of Aura Warriors of all different races got involved, cults were started, millions were killed, and families were broken. After about 11 years of this, the Aura force had had enough, so it sent out a message to every single Aura user in this plane of existence. It is unknown what it said, but it was a powerful enough statement to make the feigning end. Families were reunited, friends found each other again, and the lucario became a Peaceful race. And they only attack when they absolutely need to.

Legend has it that some of the first lucario was made due to an extremely high concentration of aura somewhere around the Sinnoh Mountains, and they tend to live around that spot.

You may think that any isolated race lacks the modern-day technology used whenever your campaign takes place, but lucario tend to stay up to date. After the Civil War, a group of elves set up a settlement about 20 miles south of their oldest settlement, Spruce Hill. Later, some humans settled with the elves, and the three similar but vastly different societies and cultures remained peaceful to each other, helping each other out with whatever they needed, and eventually the Capitol, known as Akasio City, was founded, where even today you can see the mechanical nature of the humans, the spiritual nature of the elves, and the conserved and respectful nature of the lucario blending in seamlessly. This merge proved to be beneficial in the long run, as Akasio City is one of the most advanced cities in the world, even rivaling Waterdeep .


Lucario, born as a riolu, spend a good chunk of their free time attuning to their unique aura frequency, which involves heavy meditation and focus. They move out by 14 and are usually expected to find someone with compatible aura of the opposite gender to mate with for life, but some parents are fine with waiting a while. It is extremely dishonorable to leave a relationship or to mate with another race. If either acts are committed they are exiled from all society.

Riolu pups grow up in households very similar to that of a human or a half-elf, with the parents trying to give the pup as good of a childhood as possible, without spoiling them. Lucario are usually much better at this than some other races, as most humans in the area take on some of their parenting strategies. They're actually quite social creatures to the races in the surrounding areas, as it's not uncommon to see a lucario hanging out and playing games with a human, or an elf, or really any other race.

3 Years after being born, the still young riolu are sent to day school, which is very similar to the ones found in human or elf societies. But they don't primarily focus on math or science, but more on history, arcana, foreign culture, battle tactics, mind games, combat, and, most importantly, the nature of their aura. this is where they train to attune to their aura and evolve into a lucario. This usually takes about 12-14 years into their life. When finally in tune, they stay in day school for about another year learning how to use it. Its also not uncommon to see an elf or a half-elf also in these schools, as aura manipulation isn't exclusive to lucario, but it does take much more training and focus.

Lucario are raised to be extremely loyal. Once they trust you, they will stick with you for life. They won't even hesitate to lay down their life for you, if absolutely necessary. But if you break a lucario's trust, you'll be shunned by not only his family but by all of his settlement. But, lucario are always a good friend to have due to the shear dependence you can place on them.

Lucario Names[edit]

Lucario usually have no birth given names. They recognize each other via unique aura patterns, as it is extremely rare to find two living creatures with the same aura patterns. When greeting other races, they usually just go by "Lucario" or another Common name they decided on.

Male: Most Common Names

Female: Most Common Names

Lucario Traits[edit]

Lucario are humanoid with canine-like features that specialize in manipulating the force known as Aura.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2, and your Dexterity or Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age. Lucario reach maturity at about 13 years old and live to about 200.
Alignment. Lucario are nearly always of good alignment, but it is also possible for them to be Neutral or very rarely evil.
Size. Lucario typically stand around 4 feet tall and weigh around 120 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Aural Telekinesis. You know the mage hand cantrip and can cast it at will. The hand is invisible when you cast the cantrip with this trait.
Steadfast. You have advantage on saving throws to avoid being frightened.
Acrobatic Leaping. You are proficient in Acrobatics. In addition, you double the distance you can high jump or long jump.
History Lessons. You are proficient in either the Arcana or History skill.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

3′ 6″ +2d4 105 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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