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Wondrous Item, very rare

Plain brown bags with the image of clasped hands sewn on the side, approximately 1 cubic foot of space, and can hold around 15 pounds.

Lore: The Pack of the Deliverer and the Pack of Accrual (aka Lightfingers Pack) are a pair of a magical packs which work together. Once each day, one small item placed in the Pack of the Deliverer will disappear, and reappear in the Pack of Accrual. Distance does not affect this connection. The packs were once carried by a pair of adventuring twins specifically created for them. Unfortunately the Pack of the Deliverer was lost when one of the twins fell to his death while carrying it. The Pack of Accrual, which later was called the Lightfingers Pack, continues to exist, and occasionally an item will appear within, showing that the Deliverer is also still being used by someone.

The packs cannot be destroyed by mundane or magical means, except through the use of the Wish spell, or by placing one pack inside the other. The magic of the bags negate each other, the bags fall apart, and all items fall onto the ground at your feet.

Action: Once per day, a random small item may appear in your pack, or not. (item examples: dagger, gems, coins, scroll, clothes, vial, thimble, etc. Discretion of the GM/DM)

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