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PL 7 Imperium of Man M36 Kantrael Pattern Laspistol (Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 2D6 Magazine 80 shots Power Cell
Critical 20 x2 Size Small
Damage Type Energy Weight 5 lbs.
Range Increment 45 ft. Purchase DC 12
Rate of Fire Semi-Automatic Restriction Mil (+3)


The Imperial Guard Rough Riders are armed with a Laspistol due to their assault oriented role. Some soldiers may change their equipment to include the popular combination of Laspistol and Close Combat Weapon, usually the veteran squad members. Commissars often use with a Laspistol and Close Combat Weapon to allow him to lead the men from the front and show that he is with his men rather than using officer class weaponry that Guardsmen don't have access to.

A laspistol does not have anywhere near the range of the lasgun, as the power of the las-bolt dissipates into the atmosphere after only a short distance. However, within its limited range, it has the same devastating result as a lasgun, producing an explosion upon contact with a target. The laspistol lacks the lasgun's selective fire options, having only the ability to fire single shots. The limited range of the weapon makes it primarily used for gaining an extra attack in close combat, and actually shooting the gun is sometimes foregone in favour of this attack.

Laspistols are mainly used by Imperial Guard Officers and advisers, including Commissars, Techpriest Enginseers and Sanctioned Psykers, but are commnoly used by gangers and other less noble characters in the endless fights to survive in Imperial Hive Cities.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

Laser weaponry is generally only effective against lightly armoured targets, such as light infantry, unarmoured gangers and civilians. This is represented by the laspistol (and lasgun) dealing different damage depending on what the opponent is wearing. If the Laspistol is fired against an enemy in no armour or Light Armour, then the laspistol deals full damage (2D6). If the Laspistol is fired against an enemy in Medium Armour, such as Carapace Armour or Scout Armour (or Eldar Aspect Armour) then the laspistol deals 1D6 damage. If the laspistol is fired against Heavy Armour, such as Space Marine Power Armour, then the laspistol deals just 1D4 damage, as lasbolts are very poor at penetrating heavy armour. If the target is in Super-Heavy Armour (heaven forbid, Terminators), then the laspistol deals a paltry 1D2 damage. Laspistols are also subject to half damage against shields which is common to most laser weaponry (except Lascannons). This means that if you fire a laspistol against a Terminator with shielding, you can only do a point of damage to the shields per shot.

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