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PL 7 Imperium of Man M36 Kantrael Pattern Lasgun (Personal)

Damage 3D6 Magazine 150 shot Power Cell
Critical 19-20 x2 Size Medium
Damage Type Energy Weight 15 lbs.
Range Increment 90 ft. Purchase DC 12
Rate of Fire Semi-Automatic Restriction Mil (+3)


The Lasgun is an energy based weapon, and is the most common and widely used type of laser weapon in the Imperium. It is standard issue for all Imperial Guard infantry and most lower-ranked officers. Lasguns are reliable, easy to maintain and produce, and are readily available on most Imperial worlds. They have longer range and higher ammunition capacity than a Laspistol (the laspistol power packs having roughly 80 shots before depletion, compared to roughly 150 shots for a lasgun), but are nowhere near as powerful as a Lascannon. They also lack the rapid fire quality of the Multi-laser or the Hellgun.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

Lasguns are generally ineffective against heavy armour. If a character with a Lasgun fires at an enemy in Medium Armour, then the lasgun's damage is reduced to 2D6. If the enemy is in Heavy Armour, the lasgun's damage is reduced to a paltry 1D6. If the enemy is wearing Super-Heavy Armour, such as Terminator Armour, then the lasgun does 1D4!

If the enemy is using a personal shield, this is also very irritating to the Lasgun user because lasrounds are generally less effective against shielded targets. For example, if the enemy has a Shield of 50 points, and you deal 8 damage to the shields, then the shields take half damage, which reduces the shield strength to 46, instead of 42. This means that if a Terminator with a shield takes a hit from a lasgun, the lasgun can do a maximum of 2 damage!

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