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Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunment)

Also known as the Flower of Evil, this blade hungers with an insatiable bloodlust tempting people that fall victim to its goading to wield this blade under the guise of Guillotine or just an equally bloodthirsty adventurer with a death wish.

Magic Weapon. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls when you attack with this magic weapon. In addition, this weapon ignores resistance to slashing damage.

Bloodthirsty. La Fleur du Mal enjoys inflicting pain. When you attack with La Fleur du Mal and roll an 18, 19 or 20, you score a critical hit. In addition, instead of rolling 2 times the damage dice on critical hits, roll 4 times the damage dice on critical hits.

Bloodless Hatred. La Fleur du Mal detests creatures without blood as it cannot feel their agony as it strips them of life. As a result, attack rolls against constructs and undead are made at disadvantage.

Life Force Stealer. La Fleur du Mal will steal away the very life of your opponents. When you deal a critical hit, you regain hit points equal to one third of the damage dealt. If the amount of hit points you regain goes above your hit point maximum, you gain the excess as temporary hit points. You must finish a short rest before you can use this feature again.

Spiritual Guard. La Fleur du Mal has had many wielders since it has been forged but refuses to let any of them rest in peace after death. As an action, you can cast the spell spirit guardians once per short or long rest.

Sentient. La Fleur du Mal has an insatiable, never-ending bloodthirst, which is absorbed by the sword as it cuts through the enemies of its user. The sword speaks telepathically up to 30ft to its current wielder or to potential wielders. La Fleur du Mal understands Common, Elvish, Undercommon and has darkvision out to 60ft. La Fleur du Mal has an Intelligence of 16, Wisdom of 13 and a Charisma of 20.

Curse. La Fleur du Mal hates to let anything go. Upon death, while you are attuned to this weapon, La Fleur du Mal attempts to take your soul. Make a Charisma saving throw (DC 20). On success, you are unharmed and La Fleur du Mal hates you for the rest of your days and will never let you attune to it again. On failure, your soul is absorbed into the weapon, leaving only a lifeless husk where your body once stood.

This weapon was inspired by the weapon of the same name from Marvel Contest of Champions.

La Fleur du Mal waiting for its next wielder

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