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LPP 91 Light Plasma Projector PL 9 Longarm (Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 8d12/20d12 Magazine unlimited none
Critical 19-20/x2 Size Small
Damage Type Energy Weight 3 lb.
Range Increment 500 ft. Purchase DC 51(on black market)
Rate of Fire S,A,Single Restriction Mil (+3)

LPP 91[edit]

The LPP 91 was a type of Culture Light Plasma Projector. It was a general purpose "peace"-rated weapon not suited for full battle use. When fired, the LPP 91 deals 8d12 damage to everything in a 20ft. blast radius(40ft. when fired on autofire, DC 20 Reflex save half). When fired on the Single rate of fire, the LPP 91 deals 20d12 damage to everything in a 50ft. blast radius(DC 25 Reflex save half).

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