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Cost: 700 gp
Speed: 7 mph
Carrying Capacity: Cargo 22.5 tons

A knarr is a small longship used for coastal trading. It is clinker-built with a single mast with a square sail, and oars to the fore and aft on half-decks. The undecked center is used for cargo storage. A high gunwale allows a knarr to fare well on the open ocean for short journeys. The hull is wider, deeper and shorter than a longship, and could take more cargo and be operated by smaller crews. It is primarily used to transport trading goods like walrus ivory, wool, timber, wheat, furs and pelts, armor, slaves, honey, and weapons. It was also used to supply food, drink, weapons and armor to warriors and traders along their journeys. The knarr lacks shelter for its crew, who must bundle up and bear the elements they are exposed to. They sleep in the seating area, and use cargo areas to carry their own supplies.

Size. Huge
AC. 15
Hit Points. 175
Damage Threshold 10
Crew and Passengers. 10 crew: 1 steerer , 1 rigger, 8 oarspersons; 2 extra crew or passengers.

Vehicle Construction Kit[edit]

Theses statistics are use with the Vehicle Construction Kit.[1]

  • Laden mass 30 tons
  • Strength 17 (+6)
  • Dexterity 2 (-4)
  • Constitution 11 (+0)
  • Turning performance 1 rotation
  • Damage If the wagon takes 17 damage from a single attack, one component is disabled; if 87 damage, two components are destroyed.
  • Speed (Light Wind) In a light wind, the knarr moves at 7 mph (broad reach), 3 mph (reaching), 5.5 mph (running) or 0.5 mph (beating windward).
  • Speed (Strong Wind) In a strong wind, the knarr moves at 10 mph (broad reach), 5 mph (reaching), 8 mph (running) or 0.5 mph (beating windward).
  • Speed (Oars) With a strong crew, the knarr moves at 4.5 mph.


Slot Component
1 Wood armor (front)
2 Oars (req. 4 oarspersons)
3-9 Cargo hold (10 ½ tons)
10 Sail (square, req. 1 rigger)
11 Wooden armor (center)
12-17 Cargo hold (12 tons)
18 Oars (req. 4 oarspersons)
19 i. Helm (steering oars)
ii Seating (5 utilitarian)
20 Wooden armor (rear)

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