Kineua - The Faceless Queen (5e Deity)

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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Life, Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Tales tell of two cultists, worshipers of Juiblex, the creator of all oozes. They were attempting to sacrifice their only child to the Faceless Lord. But instead of feeding on her essence, the demon lord imbued her with great power and made her its queen in the material realm. She gained control over a large host of oozes and demons as well as a terrible gift: With just a single kiss, she could transform a humanoid's flesh and bones to slime. She fled to the Underdark and began to explore her new abilities. As the child of a demon prince and the ambitious human race, she shares the same absolute vision of the cosmos as her father, if only with her at the top of squirming, demented sea of slime and refuse. To solidify her power base, she created the Myxapia as her servants, worshipers and to spread her taint across the multiverse. From their worship, she grew from a mere half demon to a deity of her own, even stronger than her father.

When Juiblex granted her her abilities, he didn't just give her control over oozes, the demon lord made her into an ooze. Her skin, bones and organs are all made up of a thick, slightly translucent gelatin-like substances. Depending on her mood, the color of the ooze that makes up her body may shift form blue to green to purple and when she is mad, black. Her hair, cloths and jewelry are also made of the same substance as her body, as they are a part of her body. Kineua will typically take the form of a young woman with long hair, a beautiful flowing dress and a small circlet on her head. She is able to shift and alter her form, able to shift the ooze that makes up her body into whatever form she needs by stretching, warping, and hardening her slime-like body. This allows her to slip through small cracks, harden and shape her appendages into blades for combat, to create large wings for flight and more. She is also able to change the color of her body to that of a normal humanoid so that she may infiltrate society and convert new oozes, but she still prefers her more natural ooze-like appearance. While in humanoid society, she will seduce humanoids and will convert them with her kiss. Before they could even process what was happening, goo would fill their mouth and go down their throats. Their skin would become slimy and slightly translucent as their skin, organs and bones are turned to ooze. In that instant, they have made their transformation into a Myxapia and will be extremely loyal to her.

The Myxapia inherited their queen's dreaded kiss, but at a much weaker level, taking much longer to convert a humanoid and being much less effective in indoctrinating their victims. Being creatures derived from Jubilex, they were evil at their beginning, but the influence of the Faceless Lord waned as its minions spread too hastily, transforming countless mortals into oozes. The indoctrination was often incomplete, and the new unattended converted found it easy to cling to their senses of self, rejecting both the Faceless Lord as well as their dark queen. The Myxapia of today see and treat her as a dark creator deity, fearing her and fleeing her reach and control. Kineu and her remaining worshipers continue to convert new humanoids into ooze and to hunt down the Myxapia who abandoned the Faceless Queen.

She forged small crowns, embedded with her power so that her will may still be enacted beyond her reach and the reach of her subjects. Crown of the Faceless Queen

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