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Superior Melee Weapons


Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Khanda +2 1d10 30 gp 10 lb. Axe, Heavy Blade Versatile, Brutal 2

The khanda is a double-edge straight sword meant for hacking and cleaving rather than stabbing. It ends in an abrupt tip making less practical for piercing through armor, but its thickness and weight make it ideal for slashing and bludgeoning.


The khanda is one-handed, but you can use it two-handed. If you do, you deal an extra 1 point of damage when you roll damage for the khanda. A Small character must use a versatile weapon two-handed and doesn't deal extra damage.


When rolling the khanda's damage, reroll any die that displays a 2 until the value shown is greater than 2.

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