Katana, Variant (4e Equipment)

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Bastard Sword.

Superior Melee Weapons

Slashing Weapon

Weapon Prof. Damage Range Price Weight Group Properties
Bastard Sword. +3 1d10 -- 80gp 10lbs. Heavy Blade Versatile, High-Crit.

The Katana is an exotic weapon of the far east, imported in rich wood cases, and used exclusively by only the most talented of swordsmen. Usually spoken of, the sword itself has seemingly garnered a legendary name even in western cultures. A weapon of grace, balance, art, honor, and death, it's status has become popular around the world, and even the planes. Many have heard stories of it's mythical cutting power and strength, and many have tested it, only to find truth in its stories... And such stories there are!

Sleek, slender, and curved with a razored edge, its oddly regal yet humble appearance has gained it much renown, not to mention it's meticulous crafting and non-mass production which make every sword a one of a kind piece of art. Stronger than diamond, yet light as a feather, with the bite of a dragon, and the kiss of a succubus. This weapon is art in motion with each deadly strike and with every powerful blow. One just can't help but admire it, even when it's currently protruding out of their chest.

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