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Karanduun splash.jpg
Art by Jap Mikel

"It was heralded with the crow of a tigmamanukan bird,
welcomed with a crumbling fissure,

adorned with the death of crops,

shattered with a rain of ice,

and reborn with the rising sun,

they now walk among us once again the

worthy walk among us once again

worthy of song:

- Makata Singsing Cadenza, in a cafe in the City of Si Setanta, 1175th Year of the Masked Moon, or, 917th Year of Yavum's Slumber, Age of Luminance.

It has long been said that the world is a corpse.

It is in a toiling time of Malice, in a scarred land embroiled in war between forces of spirit, forces of nature, the forces of technology, and the forces of the Divine, in a world that is left scarred and will never recover to its former glory because of the zealous tyranny of the Mad Sky God, in a world of murderous nature gods and scheming heavenly gods.

In a corpse land where upon a scorched archipelago a brazen metropolis stands, fuming with steam made from murdered gods, where humanoid lions walk alongside pointy-eared fae that have been cast out from their noble kingdom and horse-headed demons who now bargain for tobacco.

In a corpse land where the people broil under the iron fist of a ruler blessed by the One True God, where the natives resist against the destined empire's conquests, and those already conquered are emboldened by the old gods of the land to take back what is theirs.

In a corpse land, the heart beats again.

The Worthy return.

It has long been said that the world is dead. Will you resurrect it to its greatest glory...

...or bury it in its final grave?

Karanduun is a world of savage, hero-driven Heroic Fantasy and (due to its strange, weird nature gods, fey-beings forced out of their glorious kingdom and having to live in the Industrial Age, etc.) New Weird rooted and inspired by Filipino Epic Myth and Folklore, inspired by the setting, aesthetics, and political landscape of the Philippines under the Spanish Empire and the Philippine Revolution and American Era.

You play as one of the Karanduun, an exceptional being from the mortals or engkanto races that have been blessed with the Awakened Bala, or Spiritual Power, and whose hands can determine the fate of Sanlibutan.

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Player's Guide

A glossary of terms that are specific to the setting.
The 12 Facts of Sanlibutan
The world whereupon the Karanduun walk is known as Sanlibutan. Here I detail the 12 facts that encapsulates the setting.
The Karanduun
You've heard it all before. The stories of heroes around a fire, or late at night. Here I detail those heroes. The heroes that you will be playing as.
Classes and Themes
A quick look at how the classes are fluffed in Karanduun, as well as Themes that fit in the setting.
Arms of the Worthy
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available to the Karanduun.
Price of Power, Sorcery
Information about the different kinds of sorcery in Karanduun, as well as new rituals.
Races and Languages of Sanlibutan
Descriptions of how the various races figure into the world of Karanduun and what place they have assumed in the geography and society.
Religions of Sanlibutan
An examination of the major religions in Karanduun, detailing their pantheon, their common appearances, their attributions, their practices of worship and how they commonly interact with the world

Sanlibutan Gazetteer

Points of Light in a Sea of Darkness
The world of Sanlibutan and the nations, cultures, and peoples from which a Worthy may rise. Sanlibutan is mired in darkness, but a few points of light remain. This details the geography and the civilizations that thrive within the corpse world.
This is the movement of the world. From the time now unknown, to the most recent time, it is all covered here.
Sanlibutan is but one part of the greater whole, the seven-layered cosmos of Tapiserya. The land of corpses floats within an endless void of black, speckled here and there with stars. Learn about Gadlum and Espritu, where souls go to after death, and other such things.
Spirits and Diwa
The fundamental force of Tapiserya is known as Diwa, which imbues, ripples, and flows through all beings, especially Spirits. Here I detail the metaphysical force of diwa as well as the spirits and their hierarchy.
An examination of the halimaw, yawa, and maligno in the world of Sanlibutan and how they've adapted to the world.
Noteworthy Personae
Various peoples and individuals that populate the world.

Dungeon Master's Guide

A general explanation of Karanduun and the general world building mindset, along with various outside resources and examples to use as inspiration in developing a campaign or understanding the world. Also a to-do list.
Artifacts of great power and importance
Variant Rules
Optional rules for DMs to implement while running a campaign of Karanduun.
Adventures & Tables
Ideas for quests, dungeons, campaigns, and conflicts. Also tables for random encounters and other things.
  • Will be added to as random ideas occur to me.
Adding to Karanduun
A page for submitting ideas, advice, and anecdotes from your campaigns for the development of the setting

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