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Agos: See Diwa.

Astral City: See Maka.

Aswang: One of the 666 progeny of the Evil God Asuang. They are premiere evil infernalists and shapeshifters that deal with powerful demon-gods and are ghouls unto themselves.

Bala: The burning power within a Karanduun, which they command to bolster their feats to beyond mortal ken. Also see: Diwa.

Beyond, the: See Espiritu.

Dambana: A place of spiritual power, connected metaphysically to the Espiritu.

Diwa: The essence that flows in all things. Agos is the flowing facet. Tagos is the facet that binds all things together with fate, called Tadhana. Bala is the one that burns within every Soul. Tigas is raw diwa calcified into a lump of essence.

Espiritu: The Spiritual World, made up of different distances. The Near Shores are adjacent to the natural world. The Middle Shores are the bright land of enchanting, wicked beauty and madness. Cities can be found here. The Far Shores are the realms of the gods. The Farthest Reaches are the last vestiges understandable by a Soul. Beyond is completely alien to anybody, and the farthest are said to be other planets, the dead planets. It is also known as the Feywild.

Far Shores, the: See Espiritu.

Farthest Reaches, the: See Espiritu.

Feywild: See Espiritu.

Gadlum: The realm of darkness. Also known as the Shadowfell.

Heaven: See Maka.

Hell: See Sulad.

Inheritance: See Pamana.

Kalasag: Protectors and defenders, the shield of a War Band.

Karanduun: The Worthy of Song, heroes of the golden age, that have returned to the Time of Malice.

Korona: The Leaders and Tacticians of a War Band.

Lingkag: Powerful harbingers of darkness and shadow. They are the Singers of Dirges, the dark, twisted counterparts to Karanduun. They are evil, and are chained to the wills of Saragnayan.

Maka: The Skyworld, or the Heavens, also known as the Metropolis of Clouds. The abode of the gods. Maka is both a realm and a city at the same time, where rivulets and cascades of divine ambrosia fall down great holy towers and skyscrapers. The city of Maka surrounds the great Throne. It houses seven distinct layers, with the top parts housing the most powerful of the diwata, the Apo, and with the lower parts housing the heavenly diwata that do not receive as much prayers as the Apo. It is also known as the Astral City.

Middle Shores, the: See Espiritu.

Near Shores, the: See Espiritu.

Pamana: The great Bala that infuses a mortal soul, granting them Worthiness, creating a new generation of Karanduun.

Primordial Chaos or Sea: See The Waters.

Saint-Kings: Powerful beings that have been "chosen" by Yavum to carry out his will. See also: Karanduun.

Sandata: The warriors and assassins of a War Band.

Setro: The controllers of minds and battlefields, the manipulators of a War Band.

Shadowfell: See Gadlum.

Skyworld, the: See Maka.

Souled Races: The sentient races that have built civilizations and can be chosen by the Pamana. These races are tawo, or humans, tamawo, palesekan, lipod, kapre, sarangay, duwende, garuda, automata, Qirong Naga, Arimangoa, and the Alitaptap (the last three races are not statted out, and are intended to be enemies).

Sulad: The Underworld, or Hell, also known as the Kingdom of Bone. Sulad is the realm where the Kaluluwa goes to after death. It is said that when it is day in Sanlibutan, it is night in the underworld. The souls stuck in Sulad go about their lives as if they were still alive.

Tagos: See Diwa.

The Waters: The Primordial Oceans, the body of Ulilang Kaluluwa. It is known to house all sorts of demons as well as horrors of the deep, including Bakonawa.

Tigas: See Diwa.

Time of Malice: The current age, also known as the Fourth Time. It is a time filled with danger and murder, disease and politics, wicked gods and horrible malignant monsters, all upon the corpse of a once golden land.

Underworld: See Sulad.

Usbong: The glowing aura that signifies a Karanduun.

War Band: Or simply just "Band". A group of Karanduun.

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