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A jackal Sniper.

The Kig-Yar (Forerunner designation, translated into Latin: Perosus latrunculus, or "Hateful Bandit," human designation: Covenant secundarium carnivora prœdonis, or "Covenant secondary carnivorous combatant") are an avian/reptilian species which served the Covenant as mercenaries and privateers. There are two distinct subgroups of Kig-Yar, which Humans have termed Jackals and Skirmishers. In combat, Kig-Yar typically serve as snipers, shock troopers, defensive fighters, and scouts within the Covenant due to their excellent senses of sight, smell, and hearing.

Fickle Little Monsters. Kig-yar are not truly a member of the Covenant, they are mercenaries payed to fight on their behalf. As such, they are quick to desert, often selling Covenant supplies to other pirates, despite the Covenant’s track record of killing all deserters and rebels.

Military Ranks. Kig-yar can be organized into multiple different recognizable ranks and combat roles. Rank is earned by tenure.

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