Ironwood Seed (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, legendary

A small, conical seed the color of newfallen snow; it sparkles with promise.

Arcane Sustenance To make the seed grow, it must be planted in soil and a spellcaster must spend a 6th level or higher spell slot every day for 10 days in order for this seed to become full grown. After the tree is full grown, its wood, as the name suggests, gains a magical property, becoming similar to iron in durability. Equipment made of ironwood is considered magical, can not be burnt, and weighs half as much as much equipment made of metal. In total, the tree produces 10d1000 + 10,000 lb. of ironwood. Ironwood equipment can be forged through heating up the wood and bending it or from carving it into a desired shape through using a magical item with a sharp blade.

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