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Cost: 372,500 gp
Speed: Maximum: 6 mph; Cruise: 3 mph
Carrying Capacity: Cargo 70 tons.

An industrial-era warship distinguished by its heavy iron armor. It is 180-feet long with a beam of 40 feet. It has an AC of 20 from any facing and any crew not on the topdeck have total cover. It has a top speed of 6 mph and a cruise speed of 3 mph.

Size: Gargantuan
AC: 19
Hit Points: 2,000 (damage threshold 20)
Crew and Passengers: 54 crew, no passengers.

Crew Details. The minimum crew requirements are: 1 (pilot), 2 (helm), 2 (quarters), 2 (screw propeller), 1 (steam engine stoker). Over 3 shifts, this is 24 crewpersons. In addition, there are 10 officers and 20 gunners.

Officers include the commander; an executive officer; a master; four engineers; a paymaster; and a surgeon.

Boats. The ironclad holds two 6-ton boats.

Endurance. The coal bunker holds 200 tons of coal (worth 8,000 gp). For each 50 tons of coal consumed at cruise speed, the engine operates for 10 hours. In addition, the engine's fireboxes can be filled with coal at the start of a journey, operating the engines for 1 hour at cruise speed. It takes 6 hours to heat the engine up to operating pressure from a cold start.


The ironclad has two 11-inch shell guns in a rotating turret (powered by an auxillary "donkey" steam engine) that grants total cover to the guns and gunners. The shell guns can fire roundshot or shell.

Roundshot. Ranged Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, range 500 / 2,000 ft., one target. Hit: 71 (13d10) bludgeoning damage. Bombardment: If the ironclad is stationary while the gun aims, the range is 1,000 / 4,000 ft. If the target is moving, the gun has a -5 penalty to the attack roll.

Shell. The gun fires a shell at a point within 1,800 feet. Each target within 15-feet of that point takes 45 (13d6) piercing damage. Objects with an AC of 15 or less take double damage. A target can make a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw, halving the damage on a success. In addition, flammable objects at the point of impact are ignited. Bombardment: If the ironclad is stationary while the gun aims, the range is 3,600 ft. If the target is moving, the saving throw DC is 8 (instead of 13).

Rate of Fire. It takes 2 minutes to prepare, load, aim and fire the shell guns.

Ammunition. Each shell gun has 30 roundshot and 30 shells stored under the turret. Additional ammunition can be stored in the ironclad's cargo holds: Each 1 ton of cargo holds 12 roundshot or 15 shell.

Magazine. The magazine holds enough powder charges for each gun to fire 280 times.

Costs. Each powder charge costs 165 gp; each roundshot costs 65 gp; each shell costs 115 gp.


This vehicle was created using the Vehicle Construction Kit.[1] These are the component slots. Quick rules: If the vehicle takes 200 or more damage in a single attack, one component is disabled. If the vehicle takes 1,000 or more damage in a single attack, two components are destroyed. Disabled components that are disabled again are instead destroyed.

Dexterity: 5.

Turning: When the vehicle turns, it rotates 45-degrees.

Quarters: The quarters in slots 4 and 5 hold the following: 10 officer cabins, 45 crew bunks, officer's wardroom, surgeon's room, brig (for 5), engineer's workshop, 25 tons steerage cargo.

Slot Component
1 Iron armor (front)
2 Wood armor (front)
3 Helm
4 - 5 Quarters
6 - 7 Coal bunker (90 tons)
8 i. Cargo (22.5 tons)
ii. Berth (5 ton, boat)
9 - 10 2 × 11-inch shell guns (turret)
11 Wood armor (center)
12 Iron armor (center)
13 i. Cargo (22.5 tons)
ii. Berth (5 ton, boat)
14 - 15 Coal bunker (90 tons)
16 - 17 Simple steam engine [+0.5 Power Points]
18 Screw propeller [-0.5 Power Points]
19 Wood armor (rear)
20 Iron armor (rear)

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