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Hahaha, ha, did you—aaaah, haha, he ate a banana! Haha, by, by the gods, hahahaha!
—Briannan the Bearded, Warlock, noted incorrigible humorless grump after consuming gigglebloom

Physical Description[edit]

Gigglebloom roots and vines are a deep purple, with flourescent green, yellow-tipped petals. No two blossoms are shaped exactly the same, though most of the petals come to long, twisting points.


Gigglebloom, curiously, does not seem to be capable of reproducing, and when a piece is cut off, it immediately dies, rendering it impossible to successfully plant a cutting. They are spawned, it seems, only as a result of Fey rituals performed around extremely old trees as they naturally die.

Growth and Harvest[edit]

Starting from a few inches of thready creeping roots, they grow to fill a 5-foot square of the surface of the tree they are on after 4d6 weeks. Each square grows to fill another square after a subsequent 4d6 weeks, until the tree is entirely covered. Each 5-foot square produces 1d4-1 blossoms every full moon. Harvesting the blossoms has no effect on the plant.


The vine is bitter to taste and exceptionally tough to chew, making it highly undesirable food. The blooms, on the other hands, taste like sugar and mint, which would make them ideal food if not for their small quantity and psychoactive properties.

Other Common Uses[edit]

Gigglebloom blossoms are a commonly sought-after recreational drug, less commonly used as a poison. When ingested, as little as a quarter of a blossom subjects a creature to the effects of hideous laugher for one minute with no save. Even after the laughter ceases to be debilitating, the imbiber continues to experience everything as quite amusing for another 3d% minutes, granting all creatures advantage on charisma checks against them involving humor or comedy. For these reasons, it is occasionally sought by master manipulators and assassins for these reasons, though it inexplicably resists attempts to make an injury-type poison from it.

Relevant Products[edit]

Gigglebloom Poultice, a medication used almost exclusively to cure innanonfeall. To make poultice sufficient to cure one creature requires a single gigglebloom blossom, dilute acids and reagents easily found in an alchemist's supplies or even a spellcaster's component pouch. The crafting requires an Intelligence (Herbalism Kit) check (DC 12). Failure by 5 or more causes the mixture to release a short-lived aerosol which subjects the crafter to the same affects as if they had eaten a quarter of a blossom.

Gigglebloom Traits[edit]

A rare plant, associated with fey, used as a recreational drug for laughing fits and as an herbal cure for disease.

Suggested Uses[edit]

This plant can be used to add an element of mischief to the lore of your fey. It can also be used as a drug by clever adventurers, though one should beware its lack of a save. Its intended use is alongside its companion disease, innanonfeall.

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