Iaijutsu Master, Variant (5e Feat)

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Iaijutsu Master, Variant

Prerequisites: Dexterity 15 or higher
You have chosen to focus speed above all else, this aspect is reflected in your fighting style.

  • You may add your Proficiency Bonus to your Initiative checks.

You gain a unique attack option called a Quick-draw, or Iaijutsu, granting you the following benefits:

For the purposes of this feat, a sheathed weapon refers to any weapon not currently drawn. At the DM and player's discretion an actual sheathe may be used instead, possibly creating additional benefits and/or limitations.

  • If you attack a creature in the same turn that you draw a melee weapon, your first attack may either gain advantage on the attack roll or add half your Initiative modifier, rounded up, to the damage roll.
    • A Quick-draw requires a melee weapon with the light, finesse, or versatile property, and two free hands to perform the attack.
    • You must have a higher initiative than the creature you are attacking to perform a Quick-draw.
  • If the conditions for a Quick-draw are met, while your weapon is sheathed, other creatures, that you are aware of, provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter your reach.
    • This opportunity attack must use your sheathed weapon. You may draw your weapon as part of this attack, but do not gain addition benefits of a Quick-draw.
  • As part of the final attack on your turn, or after a Quick-draw opportunity attack, you may choose to sheathe that weapon immediately after attacking.

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