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'Hyru Sword': This is a sword made out of Etherite it is longer than a short sword and shorter than a longsword. The Blade is upon picking it up it imbues you with Fane magic energy. The sword is extremely accurate, granting a +5 attack bonus. The weapon deals slashing and magical damage. It deals 4d12 slashing, Radiant and Necrotic damage and is a one-handed weapon and has a 1d20 for hitting. It is a powerful blade. It is a Perfect monster slaying weapon. It is given to Drayons at the start of their journey. It is said that the Awoken Where the first to create the weapon. It is made with magic and metal. The first non-Awoken to wield the blade is a Elven princess named Siora and a human named Aradon. It is perfect for slaying Demons, Dragons, Devils and Goblins. It can't be bought only created. It has a crit range 0f 18-20x4. The damage on these weapons is 1d10 for small creatures, 2d10 for medium creatures, 6d6 for large creatures, and 10d8 for Huge creatures.

Strong Evocation;CL 1st; Craft Wondrous Item; Cost Varies; Weight: 2 lb.; Market Price: 0

This is what the style of the sword is like I don't own this picture
This is what the color of the sword is like I don't own this picture

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