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Wondrous Item (instrument), rarity varies (requires attunement)

A Hypnotic Organ is a box with a crank to its side and tubes that produce sounds as the crank is turned.
As an action, creatures of your choice that can hear this instrument make a Wisdom saving throw (DC=13 for uncommon, 16 for rare, and 19 for very rare).
On a failed save, a creature is charmed by the user of this box for long as the box is continued to be played as an action each turn.

A creature can be instructed to perform a task(s), but they can make an additional save if told to do so.
If a task will put a creature in direct danger or harm it automatically makes it's additional save.
If a creature is given no instruction by the user, they walk towards the box and dance.
If a creature takes damage while charmed, they may remake their save at advantage.
If after one minute a creature is still charmed they may repeat their save.

On a successful save a creature is unaffected by this box's sounds and can't be charmed by it again until the next dawn.

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