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PL 8 MFC 1/shot Longarm (Personal Weapons Proficiency)

Damage 4d12 Magazine 4 Int
Critical 20 Size Large
Damage Type Energy Weight 8 pounds
Range Increment 75 feet Purchase DC 700 Caps
Rate of Fire S Restriction Very Rare, East Coast


The holorifle was originally constructed by Father Elijah, a former Brotherhood of Steel Elder, fashioned using technology from Big Mountain and the Sierra Madre. The Courier brought the gun and parts needed to construct it back to the Mojave where it was replicated in short supply and sold to only the wealthiest people in the Wasteland. The holorifle itself is one of the only energy weapons to be pump-action, a holdover from its makeshift engineering, and can only store a small amount of charge. However, it sports a 2.86x scope with built-in night vision capability. The weapon is most unique in that its projectile is not bullet, plasma, laser, flame, EMP or electrical charge, but a concentrated projectile of photons similar to laser weaponry but differing in that it is not projected in a beam-like fashion, but a burst of glowing blue cubes.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

This weapon is a mastercraft weapon, thus imparting a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

The holorifle comes with a x2.86 rifle scope pre-attached by default.

Successful critical hits that reduce an enemy to 0 HP or below will reduce the enemy to a pile of blue ash, but all armor, weapons, and equipment on the body remain undamaged.

The beam also instantly ignites any flammable gas it touches, in addition to materials like paper and gun powder.

Weapon Mods/Variants[edit]

Advanced Calibration
Beam Splitter
Damage Bonus, Energy Rifle
Extended Magazine, Energy

  • Craft: (Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 20; Craft DC 35; Time: 60h) The Holorifle can be crafted at a Weapon Crafting Table with a Craft (mechanical) skill check if the crafter possesses the schematics for it.
  • Repair: (Parts DC: 50; Parts Used: 15; Repair DC 30; Time: 1 day) A Holorifle can be repaired with mechanical parts with a Repair check. Alternatively, another Holorifle can be used in place of parts (a Repair check is still required).

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