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A Hivehand vessel
Size Large
Critical 20
Range Increment 60ft
Type Synth
Purchase DC 30
Restriction Mil +3
Damage 1d6 (see text)
Rate of Fire Single/S
Magazine 8 Thornets
Weight 40lbs


The Hivehand is an organic weapon used by Alien Grunts. It is actually a sort of insect hive, biologically engineered into a living assault rifle.

The Hivehand launches "Thornets" a type of alien hornet that is sentient and acts just like a fine creature. Each "thornet" can fly at a speed of 40ft, but their maneuverability is poor. Once ejected from a Hivehand, a Thornet will act independently, hunting down any targets within line of sight, although their poor maneuverability prevents them from turning around and attacking the user. Once a Thornet hits a target (they don't make an attack roll, they automatically hit) they sting them, dealing 1d6 damage as well as dealing 1d4 from poison every consecutive round after the sting (DC 10 to resist). Once a Thornet stings, it dies like a honeybee dies after it stings. A Thornet can only last 2 rounds outside of a Hivehand, after which it dies.

A Hivehand can produce 4 Thornets per round, but can only store a maximum of 8 Thornets to fire. A Hivehand cannot generate Thornets in the same round that it is fired.

A Hivehand has 2 ways of firing. The first launches Thornets at a rate of 2 per round. These Thornets follow the rules shown above, and for flight purposes, they are facing away from the user.

The second mode of fire launches 4 Thornets per round in a straight line. These Thornets do not follow the rules stated above, but instead travel in a straight line much like any other conventional weapon. These Thornets still deal the damage stated above (1d6+1d4 poison).

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