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Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

The Hero Hood (Or Hero's Hood, if you're annoying) is a pale, light green hoodie of alien (Aberration) make. In spite of this origin, it appears like a relatively normal and unassuming hoodie, except when not looking directly at it of course. Even though it is not an Artifact, only one exists, as it was originally custom made, but it is feasible for more to be made as if the item has a Legendary Rarity.

Only a good-aligned creature can attune to this item (Versions may exist that only allow neutral or evil-aligned creatures to attune to the item instead, but in such cases the item isn't unique anymore as the one being used isn't the original, but a perfectly valid copy). The item always has the Gleaming, Sentinel (Against all evil-aligned creatures), Temperate, and Unbreakable minor properties and the Confident quirk while the wearer is attuned. In addition, while attuned, the item always feels weightless and more comfortable than reasonable for a normal hoodie.

On the attuned wearer's turn, they can take the Dash action once without using an action to do so, but can't take another Dash action that turn. In addition, while wearing this hoodie, movement of any kind is not trying or tiring at all, preventing the attuned wearer from gaining exhaustion points from activities involving travel or the properties of planes, such as moving through a desert for a long time or staying on the Elemental Plane of Fire (To be clear, other ways the user can become Exhausted, such as lack of sleep or certain diseases or curses, still work normally). The attuned user also has advantage on ability checks to navigate terrain and obstacles, such as Athletics checks to climb, swim, or jump or Acrobatics checks to escape grapples. Finally, the attuned user's bonus to any such checks cannot be lower than +1, regardless of their proficiency or ability score.

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