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Wondrous item (helm), legendary (requires attunement)

This helm was made from the head and brain of a mind flayer and with it powerful innate psionic abilities reinforced with the scale of an elder black dragon and imbued with magic to further enhance it psionic powers. When wearing this helm you gain resistance to psychic damage and makes you immune to being charmed. This helm have 10 charges which can be used on the following spells crown of madness (2 charges), mind spike[1] (2 charges), and shadow blade [2] (2 charges). This helm regains 1d6 + 1 charges at midnight. Additional charges can be used to increase spell up to 4th level, one additional charge per spell slot level increased. When charges are all depleted, roll a d20. On 20 all charges are regained and on a 1 the helm will take over the user, changing their alignment to chaotic evil. The user's original alignment can only be restored through making a DC 18 Wisdom saving throw when a greater restoration spell or similar magic is cast on the user.

Mind Sense. You can sense the very essence even of any creatures within 60 feet of you, allowing you to detect where all creatures all within this range are. You can tell whether creatures within this range are charmed are affected by mind-altering magic.

Mind Invasion. As an action, you focus on a creature within 60ft of you. You do not need to see the targeted creature, you only need to know where they are. You learn what the creature is currently thinking about on a failed DC 19 Wisdom saving throw. When you have read the surface thoughts of your target, you may delve deeper into the target's memories and thoughts as an action. The target must make another DC 19 Wisdom saving throw. If it fails, you gain insight into its reasoning, its emotional state, and some long-term worry. If it succeeds, the mind reading ends and the target knows that you are probing into its mind.

Telepathic Link. You forge a telepathic link with up to 8 creatures of your choice, allowing you to speak and share any other information derived through sensory input to those connected to you as long as both you and the linked creature are on the same plane of existence. The range of the telepathic link is unlimited. You may forge a telepathic link with a willing creature by touching them and either creature may break the telepathic link as an action.

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