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Rarity: Legendary
Weight: 1 lb.

Manufactured by the Hellsing organization to be the ultimate anti-monster ammunition at any cost, the Hellsing Special is a beast of a bullet. With an armor-piercing core of blessed Macedonian silver and a hollow, explosive tip containing blessed mercury, all packed in front of a large charge of "Marvell's Chemical Cartridge N.N.A.9", an explosive powder many times more powerful than industry standard. Manufactured for most rifle calibers and any sufficiently monstrous pistol calibers such as .454 Casull and 13mm, it effectively gives the user a handheld cannon regardless of the weapon being used, granting them all of the following effects.

  • Hollow Point - Attacks using this ammunition deal 1 additional point of damage per damage die of the weapon unless they have an AC of 17 or higher.
  • Armor Piercing - Attacks using this ammunition gain the armor piercing (-2) property.
  • High Explosive - Attacks using this ammunition deal an additional 1d6 bludgeoning and 1d6 fire damage on a hit.
  • Holy - Attacks using this ammunition deal twice as much damage to Aberrations, Fiends, Undead, and any other creatures that are deemed unholy by the DM, and half as much damage to Celestials and any other creatures deemed holy by the DM.
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