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Handheld Portal Device Extradimensional Prototype
The HPD has a sleek, white carapace and looks rather like an energy weapon. It is powered using crystalized energy from another dimension.
Slot: 2-handed weapon
Power: At-Will

Standard Action
Ranged 20
Target: One object with flat surface at least 1 square x 1 square
Effect: One of two portals (portal A or portal B, of the user's choice) appears on the surface of the object. Placing a portal removes it from its previous location. The rear-facing sides of the portals are connected. Creatures and objects of medium size or less can enter one portal and immediately appear at the other. Line of sight, ranged and area attacks can be drawn through the portals; bursts and blasts can also flow through to effect squares on the other side.

Each portal lasts until repositioned by the device, or until the device burns out.

Salvage: Tech Level 8. An 8th-level character can salvage the Handheld Portal Device. It functions as above, with the following limitations. It's usage becomes Encounter; it can be used twice per encounter, once for each portal. Portals lasts until the end of the encounter or 5 minutes. Portals are opaque, so line of sight cannot be drawn through them.
Weight: 6 lb.

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