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Handheld Cannon

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Handheld Cannon 600 gp 2d8 bludgeoning 14 lb. heavy, ammunition (30/90), reload, misfire (3), special

This weapon is a short barreled, miniature cannon. Due to the cannon's immense recoil, you must have a Strength score of 13 or higher to wield it properly. This weapon uses miniature cannon balls as ammunition.

Heavy. Small creatures have disadvantage on attack rolls with heavy weapons. A heavy weapon’s size and bulk make it too large for a Small creature to use effectively.

Ammunition. All firearms require ammunition to make an attack, and due to their rare nature, ammunition may be near impossible to find or purchase. However, if materials are gathered, you can craft ammunition yourself using your Tinker’s Tools at half the cost. Each firearm uses its own unique ammunition and is generally sold or crafted in batches listed below next to the price.

Reload. The weapon can be fired a number of times equal to its Reload score before you must spend 1 attack or 1 action to reload. You must have one free hand to reload a firearm.

Misfire. Whenever you make an attack roll with a firearm, and the dice roll is equal to or lower than the weapon’s Misfire score, the weapon misfires. The attack misses, and the weapon cannot be used again until you spend an action to try and repair it. To repair your firearm, you must make a successful Tinker’s Tools check (DC equal to 8 + misfire score). If your check fails, the weapon is broken and must be mended out of combat at a quarter of the cost of the firearm. Creatures who use a firearm without being proficient increase the weapon’s misfire score by 1.

Special. When this weapon is fired, the user and anyone directly in front of the user is blown away from the firing position by 5 ft.

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