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By Yanied

Cunning and twisted, half-mimics can use their transformation to its full potential!

Racial Traits
Average Height: 4´2" – 6´ 4"
Average Weight: 135–300 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Charisma, +2 Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 bluff and one other depending on your choice of material (see traits below)
Material: You choose a racial material to be made from. This chosen material effects one of your skill bonuses. Wood: +2 Nature, Stone: +2 Intimidate, Metal: +2 Endurance
Mimic: You may use shapeshift as an at-will power. As a note, you are generally considered in your humanoid form by default.
Aberrant Shapeshifter: You can morph into unusual shapes. You are considered an aberrant for effects that relating to creature origin, and you are considered a shapechanger for the purpose of effects relating to that keyword.

Shapeshift Half-Mimic Racial Power
A young girl begs for bread at the door, and an old lady's act of kindness is her last. Then, in the form of the old lady, an impersonator mimic lures a passing farmhand inside, begging for help moving a table. As the farmhand, it accompanies a team of woodcutters. For the half-mimic, each persona it assumes means another victim's unmarked grave.
At-Will Star.gif Polymorph, Stance
Standard Action Personal
Effect: You assume one of the following stances.
  • Ooze Form: Whilst in this stance, you may move at full speed and do not grant combat advantage whilst squeezing. Special: This is a Move action.
  • Humanoid Form: Whilst in this stance, you take on the appearance of any medium humanoid. Any creature that attempts to see through your ruse makes an Insight check opposed by your Bluff check, and you gain a +5 bonus to your check. Special: This is a Minor action.
  • Object Form: While in this stance you appear to look like an inanimate object made from your racial material. You are immobilized and may not make attacks. You gain resistance 5 to all damage. If you make an attempt to hide, you gain a +5 bonus to your stealth check, and may remain hidden if you no longer have concealment or cover as long as you remain in this stance. Special: This is a Standard action.

Many powerful arcane powers have found the ability to combine the powers of a mimic into an easier to control humanoid form.

Play a Half-Mimic if you want...

  • To be a member of a race that is good at hiding and trickery.
  • To be a member of a race that favours the ardent, warlock or battlemind classes.
  • To have a backstory where one of your parents had sex with a treasure chest.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Half-Mimics resemble humans, although their face is deformed and foul. Most of the face is taken up with a huge fanged mouth, with misplaced eyes seeming randomly placed on the face. Their eyes are predatory and cat like, glowing yellow with the magical power which has made them. Unlike full-blooded mimics there is nothing about them that human beings find sexually attractive.

Half-Mimics vary massively in size, some as large as 6´ 4" while some as small as 4' 2". The half-mimics body appears crudely carved, with many scratches and damages. All half-mimics appear to have prominent muscles, irrespective of their strength.

Their skins depends on their Material. Stone half-mimics look much like a golem. Younger Stone Mimics have smooth skin, while older and more battle-worn Mimics have more bare stone. Metal Half-Mimics have segmented skin. Their chests usually only have two or three sheets, while their hands and feet look like plate gauntlets. Wooden Half-Mimics appear as carved polished wood, although some have small sections of bark or even small branches growing on their body. Because they look like they are made of planks, sometimes even with visible nails, they do not look like any natural or fey beast.

Playing a Half-Mimic[edit]

Half-mimics are usually under the direct control of their creator, or on the run from them. The lucky ones have either already killed their masters, or are born from free Half-Mimics parents.

Half-Mimic Characteristics: Talkative, Secretive, Practical Joker

Male Names: Usually human names

Female Names: Usually treasure chest names

Half-Mimic Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Half-Mimic adventurers are described below.

Samantha is a wooden Half-Mimic Bard. She is ashamed of her ugly appearance so spends a lot of her time in the guise of an elf. She travels as a group of bards and adventures, searching for legends and fables. No one but her knows that her parents were a treasure chest and an elven warlock. She sleeps as an lute as she is paranoid that the mage is trying to find and enslave her.

Sam "Plate-male" is a metal Half-Mimic Warlord, who works for the witch who made him. He spends most of his time disguised as a treasure chest waiting for adventurers to open him. He acts cold and emotionless, although he has feelings for his slave-master. He never spends any time as a humanoid, unless it's required for a mission. He usually he spends time as a dwarf if he has to use a humanoid form.

Goh Lem is a stone Half-Mimic Battle Mind. He spent his early life as an eternal guard in a dungeon, until he was freed by a psion adventurer. His Saviour then trained him to use the psionic magic, and has vowed to killed the cruel wizard who trapped him in the dungeon he was born in. Little does he know that the psion opened his treasure chest mother and looted a necklace from her innards.

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