Greater Wisp (5e Creature)

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Greater Wisp[edit]

Large fey, unaligned

Armor Class 13 (natural armor)
Hit Points 37 (5d10 + 10)
Speed 0 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover)

12 (+1) 13 (+1) 15 (+2) 13 (+1) 15 (+2) 11 (+0)

Saving Throws Dex +3, Con +4
Damage Immunities necrotic (lunar only), radiant (solar only)
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, prone, restrained
Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 12
Languages understands Sylvan but can't speak
Challenge 1/2 (100 XP)

Illumination (Solar Only). The wisp sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet.

Darken (Lunar Only). Within a 15-foot radius around the wisp bright light becomes dim light and dim light becomes darkness.


Gleam (Solar Only). Ranged Spell Attack: your spell attack modifier to hit, range 30 ft., one or two targets. Hit: 6 (1d8 + 2) radiant damage. If the attack is made against one target, the damage is increased to 7 (1d10 + 2) radiant damage.

Demilune (Lunar Only). The wisp chooses up to two willing creatures it can see within 30 feet of it. Each target gains 6 (1d8 + 2) temporary hit points.

A more advanced form of the lesser wisp.

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