Golden Plate (5e Equipment)

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Armor (plate), legendary (requires attunement)

Although not made of literal gold, this magic plate incorporates spoils from rare and powerful golden monsters. While wearing it, you have an extra +1 bonus to your AC, and your speed increases by 10 feet.

This armor has 5 charges. It regains 1d4 + 1 charges daily at dawn.

  • When you roll a Dexterity saving throw or you roll for initiative, you can expend 1 charge to gain advantage on that roll before you make it.
  • When you are hit by an attack, you can use your reaction to expend 2 charges and halve the damage you take from that attack, unless the damage is necrotic.
  • If you fail a saving throw, you can expend 4 charges to succeed instead.

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