Glow Glaive Crossbow (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (light crossbow), Very rare (Major) (requires attunement)

This repeating cross bow is made of black wood with two glowing yellow crystal at the front of it providing assistance with aiming. It also has glowing blue complex art all over it. it also has 3 small crystal throwing glaives on the bottom which can't be removed

Light build This weapon has a +3 to hit and damage rolls. It is made so light that instead of having the heavy property, it has the light property.

Glow ammo This weapon has no need for ammo and doesn't need to be loaded(ignore the reloading property). It fires a bolt of glowing energy which deals either 1d8 radiant or necrotic instead of piercing(the way this is chosen is based on what will deal more damage). Any enemy that is hit by it glows brightly giving you and your allies advanced when trying to hit it. While glowing the target automatically fails any stealth check and produces 15 ft of bright light and 15 ft of dim light. the glow last for 1 minute and stacks.

Star shower As action you can make 10 attacks in one turn which have the same property of glow ammo and each hit triggers sharp follow up. After this is done the crossbow needs to recharge and can't be used for 10 turns.

Sharp follow up When a target is hit they must make a dexterity saving throw (Dc=10+proficiency bonus+dex mod) or be hit by the 3 crystal throwing glaives which fly out from the bottom and at the target before teleporting back to the weapon. These glaves deal 1d4 magical slashing damage each.

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