Gem of the Wretched (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, uncommon

A gem made of black opal. The pattern inside this gem resembles the night's sky. These enchanted gems are common among the upper society in vampire covens due to their ability to provide a short respite from the effects of sunlight on Vampires and their kin.
Removes the disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception checks vampires and dhampirs take in direct sunlight for 1d8 hours at the cost of disadvantage on all Strength and Charisma related skills. To receive this effect, the gem has to make direct contact with the skin. Its effect can be dismissed by removing the gem, but can not be activated again until the time of the active effect naturally runs its course.
This gem has seven charges and can be activated multiple times a day but may only be be recharged once every week. Each charge requires four candles, a pentacle drawn in chalk, and a small vial of non-Vampire / Dhampir blood from a willing humanoid. The candles and blood are consumed. The recharging ritual may only be carried out during the night and takes one hour. Ritual may be carried out by non-spell users.


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