Gauntlets of the Sea Behemoth (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement and you must succeed a DC 12 Wisdom check to attune)

Two deep green scale gauntlets with blue sapphires in their palm set of the aroma of the ocean. On closer glance, the scales seem to be made of abalone shards, and waves seem to be crashing within sapphires.

Power Weapon. While wearing the gauntlets you can craft a melee weapon of water. The weapon lasts for 8 hours and may only be wielded by the current owner of the gauntlet. Weapons made using this effect deal 2d6 additional cold damage as well as 1d6 additional cold damage for every size category larger you the target is. For example a conjured longsword wielded by a human would deal 1d8 slashing and 2d6 cold damage against another Medium sized creature. When attacking an Large creature, the longsword would deal 1d8 slashing and 3d6 cold damage. These extra dice can critically hit.

This item regains use of this effect at dawn.

History: The Gorthatik era was a time of the primordials. Behemoths roamed the land and sea causing destruction in their wake. Much is lost from the era, but legend speaks of a warrior that roamed the land quelling the beasts as saw fit. During the final days, the hero imbued the power of a sea monstrosity into gauntlets to be passed down a lineage to defend against any beast again. But before they were handed onto the next generation, a Great Black Dragon stole the gauntlets.

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