Gauntlet of the Seven Sins (5e Equipment)

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Magical Weapon (Gauntlet), Unique

A Gauntlet of Great Power that grants abilities based on The Seven Deadly Sins

1. Stone of Lust: Grants one use of the Charm Person Spell

2. Stone of Gluttony: Instantly creates enough food to feed entire party, food magically spoils after 1 hour

3. Stone of Greed: Magically creates 500 gp, gold turns to basic stone after 3 days

4. Stone of Sloth: Grants one use of the Slow Spell

5. Stone of Wrath: Grants one use of Barbarian's Rage Mode, lasts one minute, +5 to DMG on STR based attacks

6. Stone of Envy: Creates a Mindswap Rose on the ground

7. Stone of Pride: Grow by 1 Height Class, +2 to STR, +2 to Charisma, lasts for 1 Minute, User gains Intimidation

Fatal Flaw: Every use of the Gauntlet by a non-chaotic evil character devolves the user's alignment until redeemed (spiritually healed) by a Paladin, once user is completely Chaotic Evil, they are Permanently Chaotic Evil and must be defeated by the rest of the party.

Gauntlet of the Seven Sins

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