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Wondrous item, rare or very rare (major)

A gate of change is a large gate, door, or other such structure, usually big enough fo a medium creature to pass through, but some are bigger. There are two types of gates of change, detailed below.

Gate of specific change

Rare. when a gate of specific change is constructed, the crafter determines a creature that those who pass through will be turned into. this choice cannont be changed after construction. sometimes sprites have sprite-keyed gates as the entrance to their colonies, in order to better interact with outsiders.

Passing change When a creature passes through this gate one way, they must make a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or be forcefully transformed into the keyed creature over the next 1d4 rounds. A creature can choose to fail this save. This transformation counts as shapechange. The changed creature retains everything it normally does from shapechange, with the addition of remaining the same gender. instead of all creatures passing through the gate being morphed identically, they instead look like they would have if they had origanally been one of the keyed creature. the morphed creature is rscognizible as itself other than the fact that they have been turned into a different creatrue. If the keyed creature is a race, the builder chooses the subrace when they choose the race. Also, if a race was keyed, then the transformation acts as reincarnate, rather than shapechange. This change lasts until dispeled by Dispel Magic or a similar effect, or simply walking back through the gate the other way (no save).

Gate of copied change

Very Rare.

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