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Garodian Giants[edit]

Garodians giants are a subdivision of true giants, that differ from the rest in beliefs and culture. Ever since the giant empires fell, the garodian and true giants have been begrudging acquaintances, at their best, and ruthless, bloodthirsty enemies, at their worst.

Rejection of the Gods. When the world was ruled by the giant kingdoms, the garodians were accepted among giant society, despite their cultural differences, and were treated as any other giant race. Likewise, the Garodians did the same for the other giants and many worshiped the same deities. However, when the empires fell and Annam forsook the giants, those of the garodian varieties forsook Annam. He never was their patron deity anyway; that honor goes to his daughter Garoda, the Mother of the Garodians. She created these giants, with Annam's blessing, in her own image. After the giant kingdoms fell, she never abandoned her children like her father; she told them instead to start anew and pick up the pieces of the old empires. Despite turning their backs on Annam, they were still curious about why he forsook them. After a lot of hard and detailed thought, they found they could only blame it one, simple thing: the ordning. This is the caste system that all of giant-kind lived by, and now they would put it into question. While the other giants chose to abide by the ordning tradition, the garodians said the system was flawed. Up till then, the other giants had given the benefit of doubt to them. But after that, they had reached the conclusion that their cousins had gone mad from grief. They tried to reason with them otherwise, but the garodians would never "abandon the way of Garoda", as they justified. However, one group of delinquents took this too far; the group broke into one of Annam's temples, preaching of how the ordering was blasphemous and called Annam a traitor to his children, and ransacked and destroyed the temple, burning it to the ground. On that day, even the storm giants, the highest ranked giants in the ordning, were powerless to quell the wrath of the giants. They denounced the garodians, no longer thinking of them as true giants, cast them out of their societies, and swore revenge on Garoda and the other garodian gods calling them demons. It is because of this event, there is bad blood between the garodians and the rest of giant kind.

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